18 March 1999 Edition

Belfast conference as Upper Springfield goes live

18 March 1999

``The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience but where they stand in moments of challenge and controversy, the true neighbour will risk their position, their prestige and even their life for the welfare of others.'' Free article

Proportionality - Equality for Belfast nationalists

18 March 1999

Throughout the history of Belfast City Council, unionists have discriminated against nationalists, whether it be through the lack of funds allocated to nationalist areas or attacks on the Irish culture and language. Unionist domination of the institutions of City Hall has been achieved through their control of the committees and sub-committees that determine policy and allocate funding. Free article

Realities for the young single mother

18 March 1999

Domestic violence, teenager pregnancy, unemployment and the lack of child care are some problems which women in the community face as an integral part of their lives. Free article

Ogra Shinn Féin to launch `radical' campaign

18 March 1999

Ogra Shinn Féin are to launch their most imaginative campaign to date this weekend. Hundreds of Ogra activists are to decend on Tralee, County Kerry to debate the final points of the ``Young and Independent'' document which will be the basis of the future campaign. Free article

Community groups to close over ACE

18 March 1999

A community group in the Divis area of Belfast, believes that it will be forced to close once the existing ACE scheme has been replaced by the new Worktrain scheme. Free article

ESB told to take down the mast

18 March 1999

Sinn Fein councillors on Monaghan UDC have won unanimous support for their motion calling for the ESB to take down a transmitter which transmits low intensity radiation. Free article

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