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18 March 1999 Edition

M U R D E R : T h e c o s t o f d e l a y

18 March 1999

Nationalist demands for a full, international and independent inquiry into the killing of human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson have fallen on deaf ears with RUC boss Ronnie Flanagan insisting that English police officer David Phillips oversee the investigation. Free article

An open secret, collusion and the RUC

18 March 1999

During the screening of ``Loyalists'', the latest television documentary about the conflict in Ireland by Peter Taylor, a senior loyalist paramilitary described on camera widespread crown force collusion. Free article

Paratrooper Lee Clegg acquitted

18 March 1999

``A farrago of untruths,'' was how Judge Kerr summed up Lee Clegg's testimony as he delivered his verdict at the retrial of the British paratrooper at Belfast High Court last week. Free article

Brit killers for peacekeeping role

18 March 1999

Relatives of those killed by the British army have reacted angrily to the news that the NATO force heading for Kosovo on peacekeeping duties is to be headed by a British soldier who served with the Paras in Derry on Bloody Sunday and under his command will be Mark Wright and James Fisher, the two British soldiers convicted of the 1992 murder of North Belfast teenager Peter McBride. Free article


Larne Firebomb attacks

18 March 1999

Loyalists attacked a Larne family-of-seven in the mainly loyalist Craigyhill estate on Monday morning as a part of the ongoing campaign to intimidate Nationalists in the area. Free article

Roslea protest calls for base closures

18 March 1999

A rally calling for the permanent closure of the numerous British bases along the Fermanagh border Jimmy Cosgrove of the Farmers and Residents Against Military Bases (FARM) accused, ``British securocrats of saturating the area with military bases and troops''. Free article

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