28 January 1999 Edition

Kevin Delaney

28 January 1999

He was so thin, with his hair cut short he resembled a young Mahatma Ghandi on hunger strike. When he let it grow long his wild unruly mane earned him the nickname `an straillean' (the mop). Free article

MoD deny responsibility in shooting

28 January 1999

The MoD has refused to accept liability for a British soldier who, while on duty in 1993, opened fire on mourners outside the home of dead IRA Volunteer Thomas Begley. Ardoyne Republican Eddie Copeland was shot in the stomach as British soldier Andrew Clarke fired up to 20 shots at mourners. Free article

Scottish police accused of attempted murder

28 January 1999

Belfast republican Dan Kelly has told An Phoblacht that Scottish police tried to kill him when they loosened the wheel of his van after they arrested him last Friday. Kelly said it ``was a case of attempted murder''. Free article

BBC censors ex-prisoners

28 January 1999

Michael Ritchie, project manager of the ex-prisoners committee Coiste na nIarchimi, has claimed that the BBC is operating a form of indirect censorship which is keeping ex-prisoners out of the media. He said that BBC producers' guidelines that relatives of a prisoner's victims must be informed before the prisoner appears on radio or television amount to censorship. Free article

Securocrats causing rundown of NHS

28 January 1999

Toni Carragher of the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee has slammed British securocrats for wasting money that would be better spent on health and education in order to finance their massive military occupation of South Armagh. Free article

O Caoláin presses for big increase in roads funding

28 January 1999

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín O Caoláin, as a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment and Local Government, this week engaged directly with senior Department of Environment and Local Government officials on the failure so far of central government to provide necessary funding to address the deplorable state of the county roads in his Cavan/Monaghan constituency. Free article

Outrage at IFA sectarianism

28 January 1999

A South Derry family has expressed outrage at the Irish Football Association, claiming that the IFA recognised 17-year-old Brian Lagan as a Catholic first and footballer second. Free article

Docklands, not shadowlands

28 January 1999

Last Wednesday 20 January saw a street carnival demonstration held by South Dublin inner city residents on the site of a proposed 17 storey apartment complex. Free article

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