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28 January 1999 Edition

Ministers insulted families

28 January 1999

British `Victims' minister Adam Ingram told relatives of the eight IRA Volunteers assassinated by the British Army at Loughgall that he accepted the need for the men to be killed. Free article

IRA denies FAIT claims

28 January 1999

Claims by the British government funded FAIT organisation that the IRA has been involved in a coordinated series of so-called punishment attacks have been refuted by an IRA spokesperson who contacted An Phoblacht. Free article

Increase in loyalist attacks

28 January 1999

Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein Assembly member for North Belfast has urged Catholics and nationalists to be ``mindful of their security'' as sectarian attacks by loyalists continue in the North. Free article

Having to seek equality in grief

28 January 1999

Last Sunday, in the annual republican lecture in Sligo in memory of IRA Volunteers Joe McManus and Kevin Coen, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP hit out at those who seek to criminalise the IRA by denying the grief felt by the families of dead IRA Volunteers Free article


Doherty lays out SF position at Noraid dinner

28 January 1999

``The objective remains the same: a united, independent Ireland'' Free article

Bloody Sunday campaigners take case to England

28 January 1999

Gerry Duddy, brother of 17 year old Jackie Duddy who was killed on Bloody Sunday, was detained by British police this week when he arrived in Birmingham to begin a speaking tour organised by the Troops Out Movement. Free article

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