3 December 1998 Edition

RUC target Felons - again

3 December 1998

The Irish Republican Felons Club on the Falls Road in Belfast was raided by the RUC for the second time in two weeks on Tuesday morning. Free article

Sinn Féin sets policing agenda

3 December 1998

Sinn Fein's party chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin and spokesperson on Policing and Justice Bairbre de Brun gave a clear view of the history and current state of the RUC when making Sinn Fein's oral submission to the Patten Commission on Policing on Monday. Free article

RUC challenged on recruitment attempt

3 December 1998

Sinn Fein Assembly member for West Belfast Bairbre de Brun has slammed attempts by the RUC to recruit a local businessman as an informer. Free article

Economic justice for travellers

3 December 1998

The success or failure of the new structures of government in Ireland should be measured by their impact on the situation of Travelling people, according to new research by the West Belfast Economic Forum. Free article

Gunshots in Rathenraw

3 December 1998

A member of the Rathenraw Action Group (RAG) in Antrim was targeted by associates of a known drug dealer from the estate in the early hours of Saturday morning when gunshots were fired through a bedroom window. Free article

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Crowe slams racist Gardai

3 December 1998

Dublin Sinn Fein representative, Sean Crowe, has termed as ``abhorrent and flagrantly racist behaviour from the Gardai'' the continuing harassment campaign against Irish resident of three years, Belmondo Wantete and his family. Free article

The strange case of Thomas Longstaff

3 December 1998

A legal case involving sport, sectarianism and a stabbing in which a young Celtic fan almost lost his life came to a conclusion last week when Rangers supporter Thomas Longstaff was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. Free article

Equality - Sinn Fein opens up Stormont

3 December 1998

Stormont, the bastion of exclusion and Unionist domination for over fifty years was opened up to the equality debate by Sinn Fein's Equality spokesperson John Kelly at an Equality Conference on Monday. Free article

Threat of Ligoniel siege

3 December 1998

Hardline loyalists are threatening to lay siege this weekend to the nationalist Ligoniel area in North Belfast. Posters appeared on Wednesday afternoon announcing a march in support of the Drumcree loyalists on Saturday afternoon leaving the Orange Hall at 1pm, to march up the Ligoniel Road. Free article

Jim McGinn remembered

3 December 1998

Tuesday 15 December marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Staff Captain Jim McGinn, Oglaigh na hEireann at Clady Bridge, on the Tyrone-Donegal border. A number of events have been organised to commemorate his role in the struggle. Free article

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