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3 December 1998 Edition

Executive must be formed

3 December 1998

Who cannot welcome the possibility of finally moving to the creation of All-Ireland and policy implementation bodies. Sinn Féin has done all it could, engaging positively to ensure such progress on these basic elements of the Good Friday agreement were delivered. Free article

RUC complicity in killings

3 December 1998

The RUC's complicity in the loyalist killings of eleven nationalists earlier this year was exposed during inquests last Friday into the killing of two of the dead men, Terry Enright and Edmund Treanor. Free article

Full Bloody Sunday immunity not yet granted.

3 December 1998

Bloody Sunday relative Tony Doherty has refuted recent press reports that British soldiers are to get immunity from prosecution. Free article

RUC complicit in loyalist siege of Garvaghy Road

3 December 1998

The inactivity of the RUC as hundreds of loyalists gathered at the junction of Dungannon Road and Drumcree Road bordering the Garvaghy Road in Portadown last Thursday night has been condemned by local representatives. Free article


David and Goliath battle over Silvermines dump

3 December 1998

In a forerunner of many battles to come, a small Irish community is taking on the might of the biggest waste management company in the world. By Roisín de Rossa Free article

Demise of DL opens new door to Sinn Féin

3 December 1998

Decisions taken last week by the Executives of both the Labour Party and Democratic Left make the `merger' of the two parties a foregone conclusion. Conferences of the two parties to approve the project, while they may see some emotional debate, will rubber stamp the decision without too much trouble for the leaderships. Free article

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