16 July 1998 Edition

Martin Hurson remembered

16 July 1998

The seventeenth anniversary of the death of Tyrone hunger striker, Martin Hurson, was commemorated in the village of Cappagh on Monday evening 13 July. Free article

State censorship

16 July 1998

On Wednesday Spanish police broke into and closed EGIN, the newspaper and radio station of the left wing Basque nationalist movement. They arrested the 12 members of the paper's Adminstration Counsel. Free article

Two incursions in seven days

16 July 1998

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín O Caoláin has requested the Minister for Foreign Affairs David Andrews that two incursions by the British Army into County Monaghan should be raised at the highest level with the British authorities. Free article

Drunken Branchmen assault republicans

16 July 1998

Two members of Dublin Sinn Féin were verbally and physically abused by drunken members of the Garda Special Branch on the night of Saturday 11 July in a Dublin city centre bar. Free article

RUC protect loyalists

16 July 1998

Finbar Conway, SF councillor in Cookstown, has blasted the RUC for protecting loyalist vandals while they painted kerbstones red, white and blue. Several residents complained to the councillor after seeing RUC men providing security for the gang on Saturday evening 11 July. Free article

Special meeting seeks border funds

16 July 1998

A Sinn Féin initiative to request new Irish government funding for the border region in the wake of the Good Friday agreement was supported by Monaghan County Council at a special meeting last week. Free article

Fury at negative video

16 July 1998

The West Belfast-based Foundry Regeneration Trust has blasted a promotional video made by the University of Ulster to gain investment for North and West Belfast for projecting ``false stereotypes'' of the areas and its people. Free article

Billy Reid band anniversary

16 July 1998

The twentieth anniversary of the Billy Reid Republican Flute Band (RFB) in a social club in Glasgow was the venue for the international debut of Belfast group ``Tuan''. Free article

Fógraí bháis: Bernard (Barney) J. McKeon

16 July 1998

Barney McKeon's dream was to return to his native Leitrim and build a house in Newbridge where he and his wife, Olive, their children and their grandchildren could visit. Free article

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