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16 July 1998 Edition

Exile group set Cuban bombs

16 July 1998

A prominent Cuban exile has accused the Miami-based Cuban American National Foundation of directly financing terrorist attacks on Cuba. Free article

Workers in struggle: Refugees must get equal treatment

16 July 1998

The struggles of workers in Ireland and abroad have always been highlighted in An Phoblacht. Republicans have always linked the struggle for economic justice to the ongoing struggle for freedom, justice and peace. Free article

Sportsview: Well earned draw for Decies men

16 July 1998

Waterford and Clare both earned their right to a replay of the Munster Hurling Final, played in the usual colour and razzmatazz associated with the event. The Munster Hurling championship in recent years has been thrown wide open with the rise of Waterford and Clare. Their ascent to title challengers along with the Corks and Tipperarys is to be welcomed. Definitely shades of Clare a few years ago can be seen in Waterford and they certainly have the ability to compete and win in Munster and go further in the championship. Free article

Remembering the Past: The women of 98 Part 2

16 July 1998

On 26 May Molly and her brother of Worganstown, County Meath, having recruited and organised the United Irishmen in the Fingal area, rode on horseback into Tara, County Meath. She was described as ``handsome and vivacious, quick in mind, active in body...a daring and accomplished horse-woman''. Free article

New in print

16 July 1998

Ulster Loyalism and the British Media, The World's Monetary System and World Trade Free article

Back issue: The ``Glorious 12th''

16 July 1998

The ``Glorious 12th'' with its ``carnival'' type trappings was the theme of all the pro-Orange broadcasters on both television and radio reporting 12 July demonstrations from around the six counties. Listening to the commentaters one could quite easily fall into the trap of believing that the ``traditional'' Orange processions were nothing more significant than a day's outing for the family ending up with a fun-filled picnic at the field. Free article

Television: Cynical republicans

16 July 1998

Republicans have long looked on themselves as cynics of political TV, due in no small part to decades of misinformation and censorship by the media. One could more accurately describe it as an ability to read between the lines, and this was much needed when viewing BBC1's ``Plague Wars'', which tried to pass off the former South African regime's dirty biological war against its neighbours and enemies as the evil work of one man. Free article

Editor's desk

16 July 1998

A surreal scene greeted those at Drumcree last Saturday night. Across the barbed wire, water-filled moat and barricades the two sides faced each other. The RUC, in futuristic riot gear, looked down on the baying Orangemen. Each side shone floodlights on the other as fireworks exploded all around. It was an incredible scene.

A journalist, on the residents' side of the action,... Free article

Dúirt siad...

16 July 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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