15 January 1998 Edition

New questions raised over Aer Lingus disaster

15 January 1998

THE Celtic League has highlighted evidence which it claims suggests British involement in an air disaster which left 61 people dead. Free article

Attacks continue in North Antrim

15 January 1998

North Antrim nationalists are enraged that local loyalist Richard Hastings was given bail at Larne Magistrates Court despite being charged with attempting to murder members of a Glenarm family in a bomb attack on 17 December last. Free article

RUC harassment of lawyers to be monitored

15 January 1998

Derry's Pat Finucane Centre has welcomed the implementation by the Law Society in the Six Counties of a more formal system by which solicitors can register complaints against RUC harassment. Free article

No peace without a public inquiry into Bloody Sunday

15 January 1998

The Bloody Sunday campaigners, relatives and friends of the murdered or wounded peaceful protesters have been endlessly seeking truth and justice. But 26 years after the first crown forces shoot-to-kill operation, the British government continues to turn a blind eye on one of the darkest chapters of the conflict. In Derry, as across the entire 32 counties, the sorrow, bitterness and anger has not faded. Mary Maguire spent a day in Derry with families of the murdered and members of the Bloody Sunday Initiative. Free article

Cork travelling family forced to squat in house

15 January 1998

A TRAVELLING family in Cork has been forced to squat in the Mahon area of the city in a desperate attempt to secure a roof over their heads. Free article

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Sinn Féin candidate exposes health and safety scandal

15 January 1998

MARTINA Kenna, the Sinn Féin representative in Dublin South Central has exposed scandalous working conditions for cleaning staff at St Joseph's Hospital. Free article

Attacks on massgoers

15 January 1998

In an echo of the sustained loyalist picket of the Harryville Church, St Patrick's Church and St Patricks Social Club in Portadown have become a new focus for attacks on Catholics. Free article

Mexican Army carries on work of death squads

15 January 1998

THE December massacre of 46 unarmed people in a Church by death squads armed and trained by the Mexican Army has been followed by further actions in the government's dirty war against the Zapatistas in Chiapas. Free article

Patterson cover-up continues

15 January 1998

Evidence which suggested Alex Patterson was summarily executed after being captured by the SAS split an inquest jury, it was revealed in a Belfast High Court this week. Last October, Derry Coroner Ronnie O'Doherty sacked the jury and refused to disclose their finding after the inquest heard evidence directly contradicting the British army's account. The jury's decision was only revealed last week after the Patterson family sought a judicial review of the coroner's actions. Free article

Nationalists under threat

15 January 1998

NATIONALIST residents from Whitewell in North Belfast, talking to An Phoblacht after a series of loyalist attacks on the area have identified a leading UDA man from Tiger's Bay as a main instigator of the attacks from the loyalist White City estate. Free article

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