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15 January 1998 Edition

Dream On

15 January 1998

The January sales have taken on a whole new meaning this year. Bargain hunters from abroad are in South East Asia to pick up some of the season's best offers. Whole economies are up for grabs. Free article

Respectable fingers on the trigger

15 January 1998

The RUC were still keeping an open mind on the murder of Terry Enright, when David Ervine of the PUP announced to the media that this latest sectarian killing was the work of the LVF. Free article

Oidhrí John Redmond i mbun oibre

15 January 1998

Le tamall anuas tá sé éirithe faiseanta a bheith ag scigmhagadh faoi phrionsabal na neodrachta. Tagraítear dó mar mheon a bhaineann le saol atá caite, le hiarracht, mar dhea, le fanacht glan ar an saol amuigh. Free article

Workers in struggle

15 January 1998

Warning - this is a crisis and Bricklayers hit by Industrial Relations Act Free article

Sportsview: Standing room only?

15 January 1998

I'm going to break one of my rules this week and write about English football. The recent controversy at Old Trafford threw up an old argument in regards to terracing at football stadiams. Free article

Back issue: Putting the Republican Viewpoint

15 January 1998

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams met with SDLP leader John Hume on Monday 11 January at the instigation of an officially described ``third party interested in creating political dialogue''. Free article

New in print

15 January 1998

The Northern Irish Crisis: Multi-Party Talks and Models for a Settlement By Daltán O Ceallaigh Published by Léirmheas Publications, PO Box 3278, Dublin 6 Price £4.50. Free article

Television: Beware of men in uniform

15 January 1998

Being a free spirit I never had much time for uniforms and after witnessing the brutal deeds of the RUC, the ``Pagan Biker Gang'' and the Russian Army my views have hardened. Most Irish people know Sean South as ``the song you sing in the pub after a few jars'' or on the Irish soccer team bus before playing ``d'aul enemy''. `Léargas'', RTE, gave ``The death of Sean South'' a second viewing on Tuesday last, complete with most inaccurate statements from Frank Ross and friends. Free article

Editor's desk

15 January 1998

UDA/UDP links with the National Front, Combat 18 and other racist and fascist groups are well-documented but it is always worth reminding the world of the unpleasant politics at the heart of loyalism. This photograph of the tattooed hand of Sam McCrory, leader of the UDA in Long Kesh, deserves to go straight onto the Internet. We will certainly oblige. Maybe the next time Gary... Free article

Dúirt siad...

15 January 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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