3 April 1997 Edition

Oklahoma claims ``bad Hollywood script''

3 April 1997

Claims that Irish republicans had any involvement in the Oklahoma bombing have been dismissed as ``preposterous rubbish'' by Máiréad Keane of Sinn Féin's Washington Office. Free article

West Belfast man lucky to be alive

3 April 1997

Stephen Rankin, 24, from West Belfast, only just escaped with his life last Thursday 27 March after being beaten by a Shankill Road mob at two-thirty in the afternoon. Free article

Series of IRA attacks

3 April 1997

In a brief statement following a double bomb attack on the main London to Glasgow rail link at Wilmslow in Cheshire last week, the IRA said: Free article

Labour must talk to Sinn Féin

3 April 1997

The two most significant events in the Six Counties during the past week both relate to the unwillingness of unionists to talk to their neighbours. The Orange Order seems to be on the verge of a split because the Spirit of Drumcree group are determined to stop all dialogue on the issue of marches. Mo Mowlam's remarks on the entry of Sinn Féin into talks on 3 June have been greeted with threats from unionists to withdraw if Sinn Féin is present. Free article

McAliskey witness denies identification evidence

3 April 1997

The extradition case against Roisin McAliskey appeared to weaken considerably when a German witness told German television that he never identified McAliskey. The man also expressed shock at discovering he had been named in the extradition papers as the principal extradition witness. It is alleged in the extradition warrant against the eight months pregnant woman that the witness, Manfred Schmidt, identified McAliskey from photos shown to him by police. Free article

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Dying from Dioxin

3 April 1997

Robert Allen tells a story which may have deadly consequences in Ireland Free article

Hostel attacked by sectarian mobs

3 April 1997

RESIDENTS OF A HOMELESS HOSTEL on the peaceline between the Falls and Shankill Roads have accused the RUC of doing nothing to protect them during a night of sustained sectarian attack on Tuesday 1 April 1997. Free article

RUC assault Maghera woman

3 April 1997

A South Derry woman is taking legal action against the RUC Chief Constable for an incident in her home in which she was assaulted, and damage was caused to her property by an RUC man. Free article

Prisoner challenges catch-all charges

3 April 1997

West Belfast man Rab Kerr, who is in the H Blocks on conspiracy charges, will have his case examined by judicial review at Belfast High Court on Monday 7 April. Free article

Sectarian attacks deplored

3 April 1997

There were four attacks on Protestant-owned homes and premises in the Dungannon and Coalisland area on Monday night 31 March. Free article

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