3 April 1997 Edition

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Oklahoma claims ``bad Hollywood script''

Claims that Irish republicans had any involvement in the Oklahoma bombing have been dismissed as ``preposterous rubbish'' by Máiréad Keane of Sinn Féin's Washington Office.

In a desperate defence strategy lawyers for the man charged with the bombing, Timothy McVeigh, have tried to conjur up links between the bombing and Sinn Féin. It is alleged that it was Sinn Féin which supplied the detonator! Lead prosecutor Joseph Hartzier ridiculed the defence team's claims, describing it like a ``bad Holywood script''. Hartzier said:

``We are prepared to rebut McVeigh's pulp fiction with provable facts - to prove that there was no international terrorist coalition behind the murder in Oklahoma City, no prior warning, and no mastermind other than McVeigh and his co-defendant.''

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