29 January 2004 Edition

I nDíl Chuimhne agus Comhbhrón

29 January 2004

Jan. 26th 1972: Vol Peter McNulty, South Down Command; Jan. 26th 1985: Vol Mick Timothy, Dublin Brigade; Jan. 30th 1972: Fian Gerry Donaghy, Fianna Éireann; Feb. 1st 1975: Vol Seán Boyle, South Armagh Brigade; Feb. 1st 1981: Vol Peadar Mohan, Monaghan Brigade. "I've always believed we had a legitimate right to take up arms and defend our country and ourselves against British occupation." - IRA Volunteer Mairéad Farrell. Always remembered with love and pride by their many friends and comrades in the Republican Movement. Free article

Kieran Canavan

29 January 2004

It was with great sadness that the South Tyrone/North Monaghan area learned of the death of Kieran Canavan (71). Kieran was born in Ballygawley, County Tyrone, in October 1932. He was a true republican and devoted much of his early adulthood to the fight for Irish freedom. He joined Saor Uladh in the 1950s and eventually took refuge in North Monaghan. Free article

Mick Ned Cournane

29 January 2004

The death has taken place of Mick Ned Cournane from Keel, Castlemaine, County Kerry. Mick Ned, who was in his 80s, was a stalwart and committed republican who served the struggle with distinction and remained loyal to the ideals of Irish republicanism right up to his death. Free article

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