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2 November 2014 Edition

The Brighton Bomb – 30th anniversary

2 November 2014

Brighton University symposium to mark 30th anniversary of IRA attack on Margaret Thatcher’s Government, 12 October 1984 Premium service article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

2 November 2014

Important boost for jobless funding, Appointed to key EU-US delegation as TTIP talks progress, Irish MEP made Chair of European Parliament’s delegation to Palestine and Right2Water report is primary focus Free article

Top PSNI briefings on answering inquests into controversial killings

2 November 2014

UNIONISTS and the mainstream media were wrong when they accused Sinn Féin and Policing Board member Caitríona Ruane MLA of trying to block the appointment of PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris because he was the man who signed the arrest warrant for Gerry Adams earlier this year. Free article

New inquest into RUC killing of Pearse Jordan

2 November 2014

THE upholding by the Court of Appeal of a High Court’s quashing of a 2012 inquest verdict into the shooting dead of unarmed IRA Volunteer Pearse Jordan in Belfast in 1992 opens the way for a fresh inquest into the controversial killing. Free article

Seanad still synonymous with cronyism

2 November 2014

MORE THAN ONE YEAR on from the referendum to abolish the Seanad, there’s been no sign of the Fine Gael/Labour Government’s much-promised reform of how the upper house is elected and operates. Free article

Ukraine – Odessa massacre survivor talks to An Phoblacht

2 November 2014

IN MAY of this year, a right-wing gang burned 48 people to death at a trade union building in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa at the height of the Ukraine crisis. Free article

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Border poll needs a wider canvass – By Mark Langhammer, Irish Congress of Trade Unions NI Committee member

2 November 2014

THE Scottish referendum has increased speculation about a Border poll here. Free article

Tough decisions – By Peter Bunting, Irish Congress of Trade Unions Assistant General Secretary

2 November 2014

SAMMY WILSON was on the radio again, talking about tough decisions. Sinn Féin’s Mitchel McLaughlin did not deserve to be the Speaker of the Assembly because his party was ‘incapable of taking tough decisions on welfare reform’. The DUP, on the other hand, could take tough decisions. That is why they were taking the tough decision to renege on an agreement about which MLA would replace the DUP’s Willie Hay as Speaker. Free article

Loyalist death threats to solicitor and republicans

2 November 2014

A WEST BELFAST solicitor under threat from loyalists has insisted he will not be deterred from continuing to represent his clients. Free article

Kincora announcement fuels fears of ‘cover-up’

2 November 2014

“THERE NEEDS to be an independent inquiry into the sexual abuse of boys in the Kincora Boys Home,” said Sinn Féin’s West Belfast MP Paul Maskey after the British Government said on 21 October that the Kincora Boys’ Home will not be part of its Woolf inquiry looking into child sex abuse but will be included in the North’s Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry chaired by Judge Anthony Hart. Free article

Strong showings for Sinn Féin

2 November 2014

WHILE disappointment was probably the first reaction of many republican supporters after being pipped for the Dublin South-West by-election seat by the Socialist Party’s Paul Murphy running under the flag of the Anti-Austerity Alliance, the Sinn Féin performances there and in Roscommon/South Leitrim in October were, in fact, very good and augur well for the next Dáil general election. Premium service article

What is justice?

2 November 2014

WHEN MY FATHER, Harry, was murdered in September 2007, my sisters and I felt as though we had stepped into an alternate reality. The safe walls of our home had been smashed down; we were set adrift without our anchor and had to find our own way back to reality and normality. Free article

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