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1 June 2015 Edition

Taking a stand against Tory cuts

1 June 2015

THE unionist and Establishment media have been singing from the same hymn sheet – that the crisis at Stormont is the fault of Sinn Féin (and the SDLP) because they 'cannot take the tough decisions'. On the contrary, the easiest thing would have been to roll over and follow the diktats of the Tory millionaire Cabinet in London to slash the social supports of the most vulnerable in our communities – unionist as well as nationalist. Free article

Reaction to ‘Jock’ Davison killing highlights hierarchy of victims

1 June 2015

IF REPUBLICANS ever needed confirmation that there is a hierarchy of victims in the North, then the killing of community activist Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison in Belfast on Tuesday morning 5 May would have given them that confirmation. Premium service article

Gallipoli, the British Cabinet and the road to the Rising

1 June 2015

RECENT COMMEMORATIONS have largely ignored the important political implications for Ireland of Britain’s failed campaign in the Dardanelles and Gallipoli. Yet this military disaster had consequences which further undermined the Home Rule party of John Redmond and helped pave the way for the 1916 Rising. Premium service article

An uncritical state

1 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Formative Decade: Ireland in the 1920s Premium service article

Wed to the revolution

1 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Easter Widows: Seven Irish Women Who Lived in the Shadow of the 1916 Rising Free article

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Sport for all

1 June 2015

It is a responsibility of sport and sporting bodies in Ireland to be aggressively and proactively anti-discrimination Premium service article

Joe McKenny, County Down & Dublin

1 June 2015

REPUBLICANS, political ex-prisoners and Sinn Féin activists from across Ireland joined with the family and friends of Joe McKenny in Artane in Dublin on Friday morning to bid farewell to the lifelong republican and former IRA Volunteer who served 14 years as a POW in both Long Kesh and England. Free article

I nDíl Chuimhne agus Comhbhrón

1 June 2015

Life springs from death and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations – Pádraig Pearse Free article


1 June 2015

London Walking Tour

Irish Political, Historical And Social Walking Tour of Central London with Peter Middleton. Sunday 12 noon, 14th June. Meeting outside the Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross Station, Pancras Road, London N1C 4TB.

Please bring comfortable walking shoes. The walking tour should last approximately three hours and will end up in Trafalgar Square area. This event is... Free article

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