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2 June 2010 Edition

Will the world just stand by?

2 June 2010

As this paper goes to print, the Irish-owned vessel the MV Rachel Corrie is continuing en route to Gaza with its 1,000-tonne cargo of medical supplies, children's toys, educational and rebuilding equipment. It is continuing on its voyage despite the brutal, calculated attack by Israeli military on another member ship of the Freedom Flotilla last Monday. The number massacred on the Mavi Marmara is still unknown, though it's believed to be almost 20. Over 50 people were injured and 680 foreign citizens in total were seized illegally in a despicable act of piracy in international waters. The Rachel Corrie is due to arrive at its destination by the weekend, though Israel sources say they will intercept it. Speaking from the boat, Irishman Derek Graham said, "If this aid is not delivered, then Monday's deaths will have been in vain". He added that if Israeli forces attempted to board the ship, all 15 passengers would sit with their arms in the air so that they would not be attacked. Free article

16,000 'Greetings from the dole' postcards delivered to Dublin Government

2 June 2010

Sinn Féin's 'Jobs for the Unemployed' campaign saw the delivery of over 16,000 postcards to Government buildings in Dublin on Wednesday. The postcards demand action on creating jobs and were launched by the party earlier this year as part of an extensive campaign on unemployment. Free article

Shoot-to-kill inquest calls

2 June 2010

A new inquest into the killing of Francis Bradley has been ordered by the north's newly appointed Attorney General. Francis Bradley was shot dead in disputed circumstances by the British SAS near Toombridge, County Antrim in February 1986. Free article

Lone parents are Dublin government's new target for 'savings'

2 June 2010

When it seemed that the 26-County Government could sink no lower with its social and fiscal policies, (think children's allowance and dole cuts, and bank bail-outs), once again they have proved us wrong. Free article


Ten Specific Proposals to tackle Violent and Anti-Social Crime

2 June 2010

The north's Minister for Justice David Ford has been given a series of ten specific proposals to tackle violent and anti-social crime by Sinn Féin. Gerry Adams met with Ford on Tuesday, accompanied by Councillor Marie Cush, Fra McCann MLA and Sue Ramsey MLA. Free article

Full disclosure on children's deaths is vital

2 June 2010

The latest figure from the Health Service Executive for the number of children who have died in the care of the 26-County State over the last ten years has risen to 37. This is a rise of 13 from the figure that Brendan Drumm was adamant about in recent times. The HSE says that 18 of these children died of unnatural causes and 19 died of natural causes. Free article

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