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6 November 2008 Edition

Adams congratulates President elect Obama on election victory

6 November 2008

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA has expressed his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama on winning the US Presidential election. Adams said: "I want to congratulate President elect Obama on his successful election. I extend best wishes to him in meeting the many difficult challenges facing the new administration. Free article

Parade of shame was old-fashioned unionist coat trailing

6 November 2008

First came two British soldiers, decked out in desert battle dress, leading a pair of Irish Wolfhounds. Behind them strutted the first contingent of soldiers from the Irish Guards. Left right, left right, they marched with their chests puffed out pompously. Free article

Can Sinn Féin score a fantastic five?

6 November 2008

THE WHOLE of Ireland goes to the polls next June, as will the 26 other EU member states, in what will be the first post-Lisbon electoral test across the continent. Sinn Féin will be the only party to contest all five EU constituencies on the island and last weekend the final candidate in the Sinn Féin team, Donegal Councillor Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, was selected. This week, An Phoblacht's ROBBIE SMYTH profiles the six Sinn Féin candidates, while Sinn Féin National Director of Elections Brian Tumilty gives his first interview on the 32-county push for seats. Free article

'Way forward to equality is available' - Adams

6 November 2008

Speaking at the EU election convention for the North West constituency in Sligo last Sunday, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams commented on the current serious political situation in the Six Counties and on the economic crisis. He dedicated his remarks to three recently deceased republican activists activists - Jimmy Duffy, Dessie Carmichael and Cormac Mac Airt. Free article


Human rights and equality on the chopping block

6 November 2008

WITH the over-70s taking to the streets in their masses, followed closely by students and teachers, the post-Budget media focus has been on key socio-economic rights. However, thus far, sparse attention has been paid to the 'cross-cutting' implications of the Budget for the state's equality and human rights infrastructure. Free article

Wishful thinking at DUP conference

6 November 2008

AROUND 600 delegates packed a conference hall in Armagh City Hotel to hear Peter Robinson deliver his first conference speech as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. Robinson's first message to delegates was that there would be no turning back. Free article

Labour Councillors snub Dublin electorate

6 November 2008

Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has slammed Labour Party Dublin City Councillors for voting against a Sinn Féin motion put before Monday's monthly council meeting calling on Dublin City Council to fully respect the democratic wishes of the electorate following their rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Free article

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