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14 April 2005 Edition

Governments face significant challenges

14 April 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, speaking at the launch of Conor Murphy's campaign for Newry and Armagh on Tuesday, said the onus is now firmly on the two governments to live up to their commitments under the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

IRA will respond "in due course"

14 April 2005

In a brief statement released to the Press Association on Thursday, the IRA responded to Gerry Adams' appeal of the previous day. Free article

Leadership involves risk taking

14 April 2005

Over ten years since the beginning of the public phase of the Peace Process, it is understandable that people may get impatient occasionally, but we must also be realistic. In terms of making peace, our Process is relatively young when you consider other conflict situations around the world and remember that we are attempting to resolve a conflict that is centuries old. Free article

The stuff of history

14 April 2005

Historic or a cynical stunt? The media and political reaction to Gerry Adams' appeal to the IRA last week fell into two main categories. Predictably, the response largely depended on the position already established by the commentator. As a rule of thumb, the mainstream media followed the line of the two governments, both of which welcomed, if in a somewhat muted way, the development as a positive contribution. Free article


Positive political reaction in Britain

14 April 2005

In Britain, Gerry Adams' address to the IRA was welcomed by cross-party politicians and political leaders. London Mayor Ken Livingstone said: "Gerry Adams has today taken another enormously courageous and historic step to push forward the Irish Peace Process. This statement confirms his unequivocal commitment to removing all guns from Irish politics. Free article

Successful Peace Process: Difficult choices

14 April 2005

It is tough being a republican of my generation and vintage when it comes to dealing with the demands of the Peace Process and the impact they have, particularly on the IRA. I grew up with the IRA from a teenager to now in my middle years. As I went through my age phases, they too went through theirs. Free article

Third time lucky

14 April 2005

For the third time in less than 18 months, Six-County voters go to the polls on 5 May. In the first of a three-week series, ROBBIE SMYTH previews the Westminster elections, highlighting past results and picking out the key contests. Free article

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