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3 March 2005 Edition

Republicans fight back

3 March 2005

This weekend's Sinn Féin Ard Fheis takes place during the 100th anniversary of the party. Those 100 years have seen many highs and lows in the struggle for a united Ireland. The seven years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement have been some of our most eventful. Free article

We are up for the challenge - Gerry Adams addresses South Armagh commemoration

3 March 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was the main speaker at the commemoration for IRA Volunteers Brendan Burns and Brendan Moley last weekend, attended by over 2,000 people. He had special words of welcome for members of both Volunteers' families, whose strength and courage he said, then and in the difficult years since, had been an inspiration to all. Free article

Whoever killed McCartney should come forward

3 March 2005

Speaking on Wednesday, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams restated "with absolute clarity" that "whoever killed Robert McCartney should come forward and take responsibility. That is what I meant when I said that if I was involved I would make myself accountable to the courts. Free article

IRA Statement

3 March 2005

The following is the full text of a statement released on Friday night last by the leadership of the IRA in relation to an incident at Magennis's Bar in which Short Strand man Robert McCartney was stabbed to death. Free article

Bik rubbishes Hunger Strike claim

3 March 2005

Bik McFarlane, OC of the republican prisoners in the H-Blocks during the 1981 Hunger Strike, has rubbished claims that the IRA Army Council rejected an offer made by the British that could have brought the protest to an end in July, preventing the deaths of six men. Free article


Wilful Oblivion

3 March 2005

Wilful oblivion, forgetting, erasing memory, these are the processes that lie at the heart of the current ideological onslaught against republicans and our project of building a better future. To be fully immersed in the prevailing anti-republican discourse, we must first forget Sinn Féin is the largest pro-Agreement party in the north and re-assert the old failed mantra of republicans being the only barrier to peace. Free article

Mud thrown but none sticking

3 March 2005

Following several weeks of the most sustained propaganda offensive against Sinn Féin in many, many years, people North and South are beginning to ask serious questions about the motivations and justifications of those who launched the latest effort at political demonisation. Free article

Campaign launched for a Green Paper on Irish unity

3 March 2005

Sinn Féin last Friday launched a campaign urging the Irish Government to bring forward a Green Paper and begin the practical planning for Irish unity now. This campaign, party President Gerry Adams pledged, would be the centrepiece of the party's centenary year. Free article

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