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9 December 2004 Edition

Exclusive IRA statement

9 December 2004

An Phoblacht today prints in full a statement from the leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann. Free article

A good deal but humiliation a non-runner

9 December 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP, speaking at a press conference in Belfast on Wednesday evening, said that the comprehensive agreement presented by the two governments is a good deal which reflects accurately the fundamentals of the Good Friday Agreement, including its power-sharing, all-Ireland and equality provisions. Free article

Unprecedented opportunity to move forward

9 December 2004

On Monday night, Sinn Féin leaders met in Belfast. At that meeting, Gerry Adams expressed his belief that Sinn Féin could say yes to the political package put forward by the two governments. The following day, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness met with the leadership of the IRA and briefed them on the negotiations and on Sinn Féin's position. Free article

A real breakthrough and opportunity, say Ahern and Blair

9 December 2004

Proposals for a comprehensive agreement drawn up by the two governments represent a real breakthrough and unprecedented opportunity. That was the message of Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair when the two leaders flew into Belfast on Wednesday. Free article

Text of letter from Gerry Adams to the Taoiseach on the governments' proposals

9 December 2004

A Thaoisigh Thank you for your letter of 2 December. I can confirm to you that I believe Sinn Féin can say yes to the political package contained in the proposals of the two governments. I share your hope that they open the way to a comprehensive partnership on the basis of the Good Friday Agreement. Free article


Inside the talks

9 December 2004

In these negotiations, Sinn Féin was working for a comprehensive deal which would see the power sharing institutions re-established and the Good Friday Agreement implemented. In the proposals published by the two governments on Wednesday, it was clear that not only were the fundamentals of the Agreement protected, but substantial advances were made in a number of key areas. Free article

European Parliament pledges examination of British state collusion

9 December 2004

A delegation of more than 50 relatives of those killed by collusion between the British state and unionist paramilitaries travelled to the European Parliament in Brussels this week to address assembled MEPs. Free article

Collusion women on US tour

9 December 2004

Sharon Pickering (above) from Belfast and Bernice Swift from Fermanagh left on Tuesday 30 November for a gruelling 21-city tour of the United States They arrived in New Jersey, where they were given their schedule for the next fortnight. Free article

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