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15 January 2004 Edition

Cory demands collusion inquiries - British Government snubbed by Canadian judge

15 January 2004

"Cory should be immediately published and the British Government must establish full public judicial inquiries," Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has told the British Secretary of State, Paul Murphy. At the meeting, Adams pressed for the immediate publication of Judge Cory's findings and the implementation of the recommendations. The retired Canadian judge had been tasked by the British and Dublin Governments to investigate allegations of state collusion in relation to six specific cases. Free article

Governments must build trust and confidence

15 January 2004

The following is an edited version of a keynote speech made today, Thursday 15 January, by GERRY ADAMS in St Malachy's College in North Belfast. The Sinn Féin President assesses the state of the peace process in the wake of the Assembly elections, is critical of the lack of action by both governments to meet their commitments, addresses the post-election power balance within unionism, talks of his hopes for a short and focused review and points to the way forward for the process. Free article

Age-old intransigence

15 January 2004

The DUP will not be allowed to wreck the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Féin's chief negotiator Martin McGuinness told a meeting of the party's Ard Chomhairle this week. "Sinn Féin is prepared to listen to what the DUP have to say but if it emerges that the DUP's position is still to wreck the Good Friday Agreement, then there will be massive responsibility on the British and Irish Governments and the Pro-Agreement parties to move ahead and implement the Agreement," said McGuinness. Free article

Republican graves desecrated

15 January 2004

"It's very difficult to get into the mindset of these people. This must be someone with a political grudge and has taken it out on the family members of the Volunteers interred in the Republican Plot." So spoke National Graves Association spokesperson Liam Shannon on discovering the destruction of up to 22 headstones on the graves of IRA Volunteers in Milltown Cemetery on Monday 12 January. Free article

Targeting the helpless for fun and profit

15 January 2004

Racism is on the rise in the Six Counties, but is the current unionist paramilitary campaign to force non-whites from loyalist strongholds also part of an equally sinister extortion racket? Perhaps both - with the latter being suggested as a dubious "excuse" for the first. In any event, unionist paramilitaries have been in overdrive since the holiday season, targeting heavily pregnant women, their infants, and whomever else happens to be at home in a series of continuing racial attacks. Free article


Black week for the Gardaí

15 January 2004

Amnesty Director Seán Love made waves this week by calling for the Patten policing reforms to be adopted not only in Ireland, but also throughout the rest of the EU. His comments came just days after RTÉ aired a Primetime Special on the Gardaí, which stunned the Irish public by revealing misuse of power in the force and an intolerable culture of cover-up. Free article

Aer Rianta and the fantasyland of free market economics

15 January 2004

BY JUSTIN MORAN Next week will see the opening shots being fired in an industrial conflict that has the potential to dominate politics, and the issue of transport in particular, over the next six months. Barring a change of mind by SIPTU, within the next seven days workers in Aer Rianta will engage in a two-hour work stoppage targeted directly at the EU Presidency Programme next Thursday. Free article

AN Phoblacht/REPUBLICAN NEWS - Celebrating our 25th Year in 2004

15 January 2004

Annual Subscription Rates Ireland €65 England, Scotland, Wales Stg£55 Europe Surface €100/Stg£70 Europe Airmail €160/Stg£110 Free article

An Phoblacht Diary

15 January 2004

2004 marks the 25th anniversary of An Phoblacht/Republican News. Today's newspaper incorporates the titles of two republican papers, An Phoblacht, based in the 26 Counties, and Republican News, based in the Six Counties, which amalgamated in January 1979. Free article

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