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20 November 2003 Edition

Vote Sinn Féin

20 November 2003

Every Vote counts - Vote Sinn Féin: Building an Ireland of Equals Free article

A party on the rise

20 November 2003

As part of our continuing Six-County election coverage, An Phoblacht takes a closer look at some key constituencies. Free article

Agenda for Government: Clár Rialtais — Sinn Féin Assembly Election Manifesto 2003

20 November 2003

A Chara, Sinn Féin's Agenda for Government is the most comprehensive manifesto ever produced by our party. It sets out our policies for the incoming Assembly and Executive and our action plans in terms of the Peace Process and Irish unity and independence. Free article

Human Rights Commissioner must go

20 November 2003

Brice Dickson must go. The position of the Human Rights Commissioner is no longer tenable. He should resign. In the latest in a series of crises to hit Dickson's leadership, two more members of the Human Rights Commission have publicly called for the Chief Commissioner's resignation. Free article

Gerry Adams senior dies after long illness

20 November 2003

Gerry Adams senior, the father of Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, died in the Royal Victoria Hospital on Monday 17 November after a long illness. A lifelong republican, Adams senior was 77 when he died and is survived by five daughters and five sons. Free article


Catholic loses an eye in loyalist murder bid

20 November 2003

A 37-year-old Catholic man lost an eye after being viciously attacked by four loyalists armed with hammers and machetes as he left the Boundary bar on the Shore Road on the outskirts of North Belfast on Sunday 16 November. The sectarian murder bid happened at around 11pm, when four loyalists leaped from a car that pulled up alongside Paul Denvir. One of the gang then hit him on the back of the head with a claw hammer. Free article

Attack victim speaks out

20 November 2003

Paul Denvir is a slightly built man, inoffensive in manner and quietly spoken. Despite the horrendous nature of his injuries, the loss of one eye, broken jaw and cheekbones, smashed teeth, lacerated chin and serious head injuries, Paul describes himself as a lucky man. "They intended to kill me," says Paul. "I'm lucky to be alive." Free article

Courts offer loyalists a revolving door

20 November 2003

Despite being caught with a handgun jammed into his sock at the height of the most recent unionist paramilitary feud, UDA leader Andre Shoukri has won his appeal against a six-year jail sentence. Free article

Sinn Féin storms the Castle

20 November 2003

Belfast Castle was brimming with republican enthusiasm as Sinn Féin held its candidate launch this past Friday 14 November. Neither the rain outside nor a bomb threat inside could shake the sense of purpose in the air, as representatives took their place alongside Party President Gerry Adams to collectively launch the nomination of more than three dozen candidates across the Six Counties. Free article

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