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9 October 2003 Edition

Unionists jeopardise progress

9 October 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has cautioned against any further postponement of elections, pointing out that putting off the election again would be to "wave goodbye" to this phase of the process. Speaking on Tuesday at Stormont, Adams said that although Sinn Féin as a party is currently on an election footing, an election is in no way a foregone conclusion. Free article

Cory hands over his report

9 October 2003

Former Canadian Supreme Court Judge Peter Cory handed the results of his £1.6 million probe into allegations of collusion to the London and Dublin governments this week. The judge had been tasked to consider six controversial cases in which collusion has been suspected. Free article

Families demand dropping of charges against Stormont accused

9 October 2003

One year on from the high profile arrest operations and the raids on Sinn Féin's Stormont office that created the ongoing crisis in the Peace Process, the families of the four people detained have called for the charges of gathering information against Denis Donaldson, Ciaran Kearney, Fiona Farrelly and Billy Mackessy to be dropped. Free article

F is for Murder - The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

9 October 2003

"That individual, from my personal point of view, was more than any other individual, responsible for instigating and perpetrating what occurred on Bloody Sunday." - Soldier 027, referring to Soldier F, when giving evidence to the Saville Inquiry Free article


Soldier H and his 19 shots

9 October 2003

A former paratrooper denied on Tuesday that he lied about firing 19 shots at a sniper to cover up shooting some of the dead and wounded on Bloody Sunday. Claims by Soldier H that he fired so many times at a gunman in a bathroom window were dismissed as "incredible" by a lawyer for the Saville Inquiry. Free article

Coroner will go to High Court - PSNI and MoD refuse to release inquest evidence

9 October 2003

The PSNI and the Ministry of Defence are in contempt of court after they failed to comply with a coroner's ruling to provide unedited material and videotape evidence linked to the SAS and loyalist killings of ten people in Tyrone. Free article

My son deserves justice - Police Ombudsman asked to probe collusion case

9 October 2003

The family of a young Catholic man shot dead by unionist paramilitaries in 1992 has requested the Police Ombudsman's Office to investigate allegations that an RUC detective supplied information to the UFF/UDA death squad that killed him. Free article

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