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21 August 2003 Edition

Killers to stay in British Army

21 August 2003

The family of Peter McBride, a north Belfast father of two shot dead by British soldiers in 1992, may take the British government to the European Court of Human Rights over the British Ministry of Defence's decision not to discharge the two Scots Guards convicted of the murder. Free article

Unionists under pressure

21 August 2003

David Trimble is likely to face another leadership challenge next month. According to media reports, 60 signatories necessary to call a meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council have already been presented to the party's headquarters in Belfast. Free article

British Army sent agents to their deaths

21 August 2003

John Stevens is investigating evidence that suggests compromised British agents working for the FRU, a covert unit of British Military Intelligence, were deliberately sent to their deaths by their military masters. Free article


West Belfast man shot dead

21 August 2003

Father of five Danny McGurk was gunned down by hooded gunmen at his Ross Road home in the lower Falls at around 11am on Sunday 17 August. McGurk was shot five times and died a short time later at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Free article

One in three dependent on welfare payments

21 August 2003

Three reports in the last week from the Department of Finance, FAS and the Department of Social Welfare, respectively, all show that not only is the economy clearly in recession that also there is a real possibility that things could get worse. Free article

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