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21 August 2003 Edition

Taxing the weather

21 August 2003

Well, hasn't the weather been wonderful this August? After an uncharacteristically wet July, we experienced what appeared to be a heatwave, and you can tell by all the pink people walking down the street that we certainly took advantage of it. More than a few of us are commenting on how weird this summer's weather has been and not just in a typical, 'never happy with the weather' Irish way. It has been too wet and too hot. Could this be the global warming we've been warned about? Free article

Sinn Féin National Draw 2003

21 August 2003

The Sinn Féin National Finance Committee has launched this year's National Draw and total prizes are worth more than €29,000. Free article

Lone voice in the wilderness

21 August 2003

Briege Meehan does not go gentle into that good night. As the only Sinn Féin representative to sit on the Protestant dominated Newtownabbey Borough Council, she has first hand experience of unionist intransigence, institutionalised bigotry, and a degree of unprofessionalism that would make any three-year-old blush. Free article

Fifth Column

21 August 2003

An Phoblacht's famous satirical column Free article

Tionchar an Cheoil

21 August 2003

In today's backgound of managed boybands and girlbands, it is important that we remember the importance of the influence of music in struggle such as that of Woodie Guthrie and Victor Jara, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

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