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28 November 2002 Edition

Get off our streets

28 November 2002

A protest was organized by FARM (Farmers and residents against military bases) on Sunday 24 November in Roslea in response to the increasing level of British Army patrolling in the Fermanagh area. Free article

Special Branch assault on Agreement

28 November 2002

"Last month, Sinn Féin predicted that the PSNI Special Branch would engage in a series of timetabled events designed to undermine the peace process," said Conor Murphy. Free article

Adams urges support for Short Strand

28 November 2002

On the eve of the resumption of the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, Gerry Adams addressed a packed meeting in the Royal Dublin Hotel on Tuesday night to deliver an appeal to the people of the city to do more, or to do something, to support the people at the interfaces, the people under siege in Short Strand. Free article

Government urged to assist in return to dialogue

28 November 2002

Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin has described the shooting dead of a UN official and three Palestinian refugees and the wounding of Irish human rights activist Caoimhe Butterly by the Israeli Army in Jenin as an outrage. He said it was long past time for the United Nations to intervene. Free article


General claims he misled Widgery Tribunal

28 November 2002

Major General Patrick MacLellan, the commander of 8th Infantry Brigade on Bloody Sunday, admitted to the Saville inquiry on Monday that he had misled the Widgery Tribunal. Free article

Budget for an Ireland of Equals

28 November 2002

With difficult workloads, demands from constituencies and the wider party, it takes a lot to get the five Sinn Féin TDs together Free article

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