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28 November 2002 Edition

Traitors, turkeys and tensions

28 November 2002

Ian Paisley is beset with enemies. Speaking to his party's annual conference last weekend, Paisley was hard pressed to decided which to prioritise. High on his list is republicanism, that "blood-soaked murderous beast". Free article

€8.5 billion taxes lost to exchequer

28 November 2002

In the tax year 1999 to 2000, tax revenue in the 26 Counties tipped €30 billion, an impressive sum. However total tax revenue could have been approaching €40 billion if it were not for the €8.5 billion written off over the year in tax reliefs and allowances. Free article

This little piggy...

28 November 2002

This week, AN DRAOI RUA takes the opportunity to relate some of the folklore and superstitions concerning the wild boar and pigs in general. Free article

Civil War executions begin

28 November 2002

MÍCHEÁL MacDONNCHA begins a series of articles marking the 80th anniversary of the Civil War Free article

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