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18 July 2002 Edition

IRA apologises to families of non-combatants

18 July 2002

The IRA's apology for the deaths and suffering of non-combatants and their families has been broadly welcomed by politicians in Dublin, London, the US, and by some of the families at whom it was aimed Free article

Crown forces pile into Springfield Road residents

18 July 2002

An eleven-year-old schoolgirl was taken to Grosvenor Road barracks and was illegally questioned and forcibly fingerprinted despite the fact that she was a minor. Free article

No charges for soldier who shot Manus Deery

18 July 2002

Human rights campaigners are furious about the refusal by British authorities to prosecute a soldier who they admit acted unlawfully when he shot and killed Derry teenager Manus Deery in 1972. Free article

Lucky to be alive

18 July 2002

A loyalist gang attempted to abduct and murder a Catholic man in the early hours of last Friday morning, 12 July. Michael Rafferty, from the St James' area, was walking along Broadway, an interface area, at around 1am when a white Audi mounted the pavement and tried to run him over. Rafferty managed to jump out of the way as the car careered into railing behind him. A number of men then climbed out of the car and began assaulting him whilst trying to drag him into the car. Free article


RIR pelt Short Strand with bottles

18 July 2002

Sinn Féin councillor Joe O'Donnell has labelled the British Army's Royal Irish Regiment "sectarian" after soldiers from the regiment, which has been on duty at the East Belfast interface, threw bottles from the loyalist Cluan Place into the Clandeboye area of Short Strand last Tuesday, 16 July. Free article

Sinn Féin's concerns

18 July 2002

Sinn Féin spokesperson on European Union Affairs, Sligo Councillor Sean MacManus, has expressed grave reservations about last week's announcement from Brussels on proposed CAP reform. Free article

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