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18 July 2002 Edition

Orange propaganda

18 July 2002

Anyone who has been in the north of Ireland during the Orange Marching season, particularly at its height over the Twelfth, will remember the frustration and fear experienced by many Catholic communities. Free article

A Police Service representative of the community as a whole?

18 July 2002

In this, the third of a series of articles on policing, GERRY KELLY, Sinn Féin spokesperson on policing, addresses one of the Good Friday Agreement's requirements of a 'new beginning to policing' - that is, the requirement of a police service representative of the community it polices Free article

Three months after the horror

18 July 2002

Horror, despair, and madness still hover on the dusty breeze winding down the slope where the refugee camp lies. I first entered this nightmare called Jenin almost exactly three months ago. The city and its camp were undergoing their 15th day of Israeli attack, under strict curfew and at the end of their tether. Armed resistance had ceased eight days after the attack was first launched but the Israelis were still murdering innocent people. I had never seen anything like that before; it was one of my most painful experiences. Free article

Big Brother says Yes to Nice II

18 July 2002

Have you found the time yet to inform the media that you support the Nice Treaty and that grave and perilous dangers await the 26 Counties if they dare vote No? Well, the bandwagon is leaving town and everyone who matters is climbing aboard. Free article

Women take on oil giant in Nigeria

18 July 2002

For over a week, hundreds of Nigerian women have been occupying the Chevron-Texaco facilities in Nigeria demanding negotiations with company managers working in the African country. They are demanding that the multinational pumping out the oil from their lands should give them the roads, water service and electricity that the government has not provided. Free article

Bran: Dia, Rí, Taistealaí agus Madadh

18 July 2002

AN DRAOI RUA relates a few stories told about 'Bran', a Celtic god, a King, a traveller and a dog. Free article

McAlpine's Fusiliers

18 July 2002

The men who built Britain: A history of the Irish navvy By Ultan Cowley Wolfhound Press E25 (hardback) Free article

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