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7 February 2002 Edition

Black week remembered

7 February 2002

The first week in February ten years ago was an awful one, with ten civilians and an IRA Volunteer shot dead and more wounded. Free article

40,000 mark 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

7 February 2002

Ignoring the freezing rain and bitter wind on Sunday, some 40,000 people, from all over Ireland and the rest of the world, retraced the steps of the thousands who marched against internment and for civil rights in January 1972, winding their way down from Creggan to Free Derry Corner. Free article

United Ireland will not be a cold house for unionists

7 February 2002

Gerry Adams, trip to New York last week and the World Economic Forum coincidently marked the eighth anniversary of his first visit to the Big Apple in February 1994. On that occasion, it was a 48-hour special visa issued by the then President Bill Clinton. Last weekend, Gerry shared a platform with Clinton as they and UN Human Rights Commission Mary Robinson; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Irene Khan, Secretary General Amnesty International; and Jose Ramos-Horta, Senior Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of East Timor, discussed the issue of national sovereignty and minority rights. Free article

Bombs, threats and beatings

7 February 2002

Loyalist violence continued this week with a series of attacks, including a booby trap car bomb, a number of serious assaults and renewed threats against Catholic workers and members of the GAA. Free article


SF response to Policing Board meeting with O'Loan and Flanagan

7 February 2002

Sinn Féin policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly, responding to Tuesday's meetings between the Policing Board and Nuala O'Loan and Ronnie Flanagan, said that there can be "no compromise on accountability. Free article

Loyalist mob at Craigavon council

7 February 2002

Craigavon Sinn Féin Councillor John O'Dowd says he and his party colleagues were lucky to escape injury after loyalist protesters threw fireworks at them during a debate on the flags issue in Craigavon council chamber on Monday evening, 4 February. Free article

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