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6 December 2001 Edition

State killing by proxy

6 December 2001

Like blood seeping through a bandage, the sordid mechanisms of Crown force collusion with loyalist death squads are becoming increasingly obvious. Free article

UDP bows to the inevitable

6 December 2001

The loyalist Ulster Democratic Party, the political front for the murder gangs of the UDA, has been disbanded following months of speculation about the future of the party and it's increasingly difficult relationship with the UDA itself. Free article

Widespread loyalist attacks

6 December 2001

The relentless campaign of loyalist attacks on nationalists across the North, but mainly in North Belfast, continued throughout the week. Free article

Visiting the Colombia Three

6 December 2001

Niall Connolly, Martin McCauley and Jim Monaghan were arrested on 11 August in Bogota Airport by the Colombian Armed Forces. They had spent five weeks in the zone conceded to the FARC in negociations with the Colombian Government. This zone is the size of Switzerland. Free article


Eyewitnesses describe Bloody Sunday slaughter

6 December 2001

One of the witnesses giving evidence to the Bloody Sunday inquiry has said that those soldiers who subsequently received honours from the queen should be made hand them back. Free article

McGurk's bomb relatives call for inquiry

6 December 2001

Calls for an inquiry accompanied the 30th anniversary commemoration of the 15 people who died and 16 who were seriously injured in the McGurk's bar bombing of 1971. Relatives of the victims, who held a memorial service in Belfast this week, are calling for an investigation into allegations of crown force collusion in the UVF bomb attack. Free article

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