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6 December 2001 Edition

Budget 2002

6 December 2001

At one level you have to hand it to Charlie McCreevy. He can swagger through a budget speech with the best of them. Free article

A week in politics

6 December 2001

MICHAEL PIERSE rounds up the week's news, which included further claims about British orchestration of UDA killings and some uncharacteristic comments from Peter Mandelson Free article

Wishful thinking or sinister plot?

6 December 2001

The British Secretary of State for the Six Counties, John Reid, made a speech in Liverpool at the Institute for Irish Studies, on 21 November. This speech has gone done in the political parlance as the 'cold house for Protestants' speech. In other words, a speech aimed at addressing a contrived development arising from the peace process: alienation among unionists from the political process. Free article

We Just Want the World - David Rovics

6 December 2001

Protest singer DAVID ROVICS is in town. He talks to Robert Allen about his hopes and dreams. Free article

Middle East bleeds again

6 December 2001

This week has been a grim one for Palestinians, Israelis and the troubled search for a workable Middle East peace process. First, 26 people were killed in Jerusalem in attacks by two Hamas suicide bombers, an act of retaliation for the Israeli assassination of a leading Hamas figure. Israeli premier Ariel Sharon's response was swift and predictable, his rocket attacks ensuring that the Palestinian body count, as always, would be higher. Free article

Remembering the Past

6 December 2001

Crumlin Road jail escape Free article


6 December 2001

THE MURDEROUS intentions of the British government in suppressing legitimate street protests by nationalists in the North was underlined by this week's refusal by direct ruler Jim Prior to review the use of plastic bullets against demonstrators. Free article

Dúirt siad

6 December 2001

The week in quotes... Free article

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