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19 July 2001 Edition

Proposals must work Agreement

19 July 2001

Republicans will look forward to receiving the package of proposals announced by the British and Dublin governments last week. Free article

UDA gangs provoke trouble

19 July 2001

Trouble again flared in Belfast on Monday night, 16 July, when loyalist gangs attacked both the Short Strand and the small nationalist enclave of Clanchatten Street off the Limestone Road. The trouble on the Limestone Road was orchestrated by the UDA from Tiger's Bay. The UDA was also behind an attack on Duncairn Gardens. Free article

Ban Plastic Bullets call

19 July 2001

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey has welcomed as ``important and significant'' a statement from the Human Rights Commissioner Professor Brice Dickson criticising the RUC over its use of plastic bullets, which have killed 14 people and injured hundreds. Free article


RUC complicity in Finucane killing

19 July 2001

RUC Special Branch were informed of killings about to take place, FRU leader Gordon Kerr is to reveal to the Stevens' probe into the killing of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane. Free article

Republicans mourn Jimmy Drumm

19 July 2001

``Jimmy Drumm will be missed by republicans everywhere,'' said Sinn Féin Prewsident Gery Adams on Wednesday, reacting to news that the veteran Belfast republican had died. Free article

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