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19 July 2001 Edition

Community Restorative Justice at work

19 July 2001

Last week, ROISIN DE ROSA ([email protected]) discussed the theory behind the revolutionary project that is Community Restorative Justice. Here, she examines how such initiatives work in practice. Free article

Sweatshops fuel global resistance

19 July 2001

In the third part of a series on the anti-globalisation movement, JUSTIN MORAN examines some of the labour issues that have galvanised so many people to take to the streets against the multinationals. He describes the economic zones in developing world states where transnational corporations enjoy tax breaks and cheap labour but where workers face obscene levels of exploitation. Free article

Turkish death toll now 29

19 July 2001

Turkish hunger striker Sevgi Erdogan, 45, whose photograph featured on the front page of last week's An Phoblacht, died at her home in Istanbul on Saturday, 14 July, after refusing solid food for 267 days, the prisoner's support group Ozgur Tayad said in a statement. A member of the banned Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, Sevgi Erdogan was born in 1956 in Erzurum, North-East Turkey, and graduated from Istanbul University's Economics Department. In 1974 she was married to Ibrahim Erdogan. Their daughter Sirvan was born in 1979. She was arrested in 1981 together with her husband and sent to Istanbul Metris prison. Her husband was killed with 11 comrades in a massacre on July 12, 1991. Sevgi Erdogan was arrested again in 1994 and was sentenced to 12 and a half years imprisonment Free article

Comhrac faoin Chóras Sláinte

19 July 2001

Tá sé feicthe againn cheana féin go bhfuil Fianna Fáil agus Fine Gael i ngleic lena chéile le vótaí a mhealladh ó phobal na sé chontae is fiche. Ar ndóigh, tá siad de shíor ag iarraidh pointí polaitiúla a bhuachaint i gcoinne a chéile i rith an ama. Creidim féin, áfach, go mbeidh an comhrac is mó idir an dá dream seo ná faoin chóras sláinte. Free article

Camlough remembers `81

19 July 2001

`Beidh an bua againn go fóill'' By Tommy Lynch and Pat McGinn Stg£5 Available from Sinn Féin, 4 Maryville, Camlough, Newry, County Down Free article

Endgame in Ireland

19 July 2001

The BBC's major series Endgame in Ireland concluded on 15 July with what would seem to have been a hastily rewritten conclusion, necessitated by the resignation of David Trimble and the apparent failure of the talks at Weston Park. Perhaps the question mark at the end of the title, which was added for viewers of RTÉ, should also have been included in the British version. Free article

Jazz/Trad fusion works wonders

19 July 2001

Music for Whistle & Guitar Cormac Breatnach and Martin Dunlea Free article

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