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12 July 2001 Edition

Blair must play his part

12 July 2001

The round table crisis talks being held in Shropshire, England, broke up on Wednesday without any sign of positive movement. Free article


12 July 2001

The following is an edited version of a keynote address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams delivered in Westminster on Tuesday evening, 10 July. He sets out the problems facing the peace process, the primary one being the exclusive focus of the British government on the issue of IRA arms, and outlines what is needed to get the process back on track. Free article

Loyalists abandon the Agreement

12 July 2001

Northern nationalists braced themselves, fearing further sectarian attacks, as loyalists formally withdrew their support for the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Widespread loyalist attacks

12 July 2001

Nationalists from across the North, from Limavady in County Derry to Ballyclare in County Antrim, have been targeted by loyalist bombers. Free article


``Cover-up on Arms Trial'' - Ó Caoláin

12 July 2001

Speaking in a special Dáil debate on the latest report on the Arms Trial, Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said that the number of key documents which are missing point to a cover up. Free article

UN finds shameful level of Irish poverty

12 July 2001

While the coalition government dithers on when to call an election, driven it seems by a desire to go to the voters with the most attractive tax and spending package it can magic up, the latest UN Human Development Report casts a shadow on the record of the Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrat government and their four years in office. Free article

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