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12 July 2001 Edition

Building a radical alternative to Punitive Justice

12 July 2001

Thirty years of conflict have brought in their wake deep, revolutionary changes in society. Free article

The Battle of the SOM (Silly Old Men)

12 July 2001

At three minutes to ten on Sunday morning, the first members of the Orange march made their way past the barbed wire and barricades at the top of Garvaghy Road towards the church on Drumcree hill. Free article

Ireland's part in the anti-globalisation movement

12 July 2001

In the second of a series of article on globalisation and the worldwide movement against it, JUSTIN MORAN talks to some Irish activists who are preparing for the next confrontation with the forces of global capital at this month's scheduled G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. Free article

Coiligh is Cearca

12 July 2001

Tá sé de leithscéal agam tagairt a dhéanamh do bhéaloideas na gcearc mar cheiliúradh ar uibheacha faighte ó mo chearca féin na seachtaine seo. Free article

28th Turkish Hunger Striker Dies

12 July 2001

Ali Koc, 30, died in an Ankara hospital late on Sunday 8 July after fasting intermittently for 251 days, the prisoners' solidarity group Ozgur Tayad said. Koc was being held in an Ankara prison pending his trial for membership in the banned Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front. He is the 28th person to die in the hunger strike protesting against new maximum-security prisons with cells that isolate inmates. Free article

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