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22 March 2001 Edition

SDLP reject electoral pact

22 March 2001

The SDLP has rejected the prospect of a ten-year electoral strategy pact with Sinn Féin that could have represented an effective countdown to a united Ireland, according to Mitchel McLaughlin, the chairperson of Sinn Féin. Free article

Roses for Rosemary

22 March 2001

Paddy Kelly reads extracts from a speech from Nelson Mandela at the Mass for Rosemary Nelson in Clonard Free article

Loyalists attack Catholic homes in Portadown

22 March 2001

A loyalist mob attacked Catholic homes on the edge of the Garvaghy Road estate in Portadown last Sunday night, smashing windows and terrifying residents. The attack happened just hours after news broke that restrictions banning the Orange Order from marching through the nationalist Garvaghy Road area are not in breach of human rights legislation. Free article

Sinn Féin's United Ireland message is heard from DC to Seattle

22 March 2001

Six Sinn Féin representatives traveled to North America last week in order to meet with the new American administration as well as with communities across North America. Free article


Transport policy should tackle inequality, says Sinn Féin

22 March 2001

Sinn Féin, in their recent submission on transport strategy to the Six-County Department for Regional Development (DRD), radically challenges the DRD's transport strategy proposals, which are still firmly rooted in British transport policy, with its almost exclusive reliance on cars. Free article

No guarantee that Nice Treaty referendum will be fair

22 March 2001

Its referendum time again, this time three at one go on 31 May, just to add to the confusion of an underinformed and confused electorate Free article

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