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22 March 2001 Edition

Guerin case fiasco

22 March 2001

ROBBIE MacGABHANN argues that the 26-County criminal justice system has been seriously damaged by the means used to secure convictions against those the Gardaí believe were involved in the killing of Veronica Guerin Free article

Lennon wrong to play on

22 March 2001

FERN LANE argues that by choosing to play on for `Northern Ireland' in the absence of action against the bigots on the Windsor Park terraces, Neil Lennon is doing himself, soccer and wider society a grave disservice and is, however unwittingly, helping to perpetuate the casual acceptance of sectarianism at all levels of Six-County society. Free article

Fine Gael hot around the collar

22 March 2001

Fine Gael representatives' recent behaviour has been more like that of headless chickens than confident alternatives to Fianna Fáil. The reality that Michael Noonan's election was more a last-ditch act of desparation than a bright new beginning for the party is fast sinking in. Free article

Back issue: Two join Hunger Strike

22 March 2001

THE two H-Block blanket men due to join the Hunger Strike for political status this Sunday, 22 March, are Raymond McCreesh and Patsy O'Hara, both aged 24. Free article

New in print

22 March 2001

When war and chance collide, Crucible of thought, A history told in headstones, Lots of politics, some drugs, no rap and Chasing Shadows Free article

Murphy's Law

22 March 2001

Take the evening off. Get a babysitter. Cancel that cumann meeting. Postpone that romantic dinner for two but if you get the chance don't miss Murphy's Law, the latest offering from Just Us, the West Belfast-based theatre company. The play's first run was completed last week but due to popular demand the players have promised the show will go on again in a few weeks time or during the summer festival. Free article

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