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1 February 2001 Edition

Sinn Féin ministers win in court

1 February 2001

Gerry Adams has called on the First Minister to ``set aside his sanctions against the two Sinn Féin ministers, stop time wasting and get on with the job of promoting the Good Friday Agreement and building confidence within unionism''. Free article

RUC's role in North Belfast attacks questioned

1 February 2001

North Belfast residents are questioning the RUC's role in a series of life-threatening attacks in North Belfast. Free article

Isolated nationalists have no faith in RUC

1 February 2001

As the intensity of the latest loyalist offensive against nationalists increases throughout the North a Coleraine resident told An Phoblacht that Catholics in that area of North County Derry have little faith in RUC promises to clamp down on the bombers. Free article

Reid's blueprint must be the Agreement

1 February 2001

Speaking in Derry at the weekend, Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness said ``the good thing about the new Secretary of State is that the old one is gone''. Free article


South Armagh driver feared for his life

1 February 2001

The Paras are back in South Armagh and one young man whose life was threatened last weekend can testify to that. Free article

Keep up the pressure for justice

1 February 2001

Thousands of people from around Ireland and the world marched through Derry last Sunday afternoon and gathered at Free Derry Corner to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the killings on Bloody Sunday, and to offer their support to the relatives as they continue in their fight for justice at the Saville Inquiry. Free article

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