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1 February 2001 Edition

Singin' the Blueshirt blues

1 February 2001

As John Bruton's leadership ends, Fine Gael is in crisis and a new leader will not solve the massive problems that beset the party. Their biggest problem is to find the answer to the question ``What is Fine Gael for?'' Free article

St. Teresa's Gardens is full of hope

1 February 2001

Last week's Prime Time investigatiion of deprivation in St Teresa's Gardens painted a bleak picture of this inner city flats complex and its inhabitants. Here ANDREW O'CONNELL, a resident of St Teresa's, takes issue with this negative portrayal, which he believes stigmatises his and other similar communities and outlines positive developments initiated by the community. Free article

Lift the sanctions on Iraq

1 February 2001

On Saturday 27 January, the Campaign to End the Iraq Sanctions staged a demonstration at the Central Bank in Dublin. Those gathered were marking the anniversary of the start of the Gulf War, or ``Desert Storm'', as the Americans termed it. Free article

BAck issue: Hunger strike imminent

1 February 2001

THE SITUATION inside the H Blocks has drastically reverted to square one with the stubborn refusal of the British administration to follow a `step by step settlement, which they themselves had proposed in December. Free article

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