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14 December 2000 Edition

Praise for Clinton but Blair must deliver

14 December 2000

The visit of US President Bill Clinton to Ireland bestrode the news agenda this week like a Colossus. His public engagements were positive and upbeat, a perfect showcase for his strong charisma and his undoubted commitment to securing progress in the Irish peace process. Free article

Loyalist gun attacks

14 December 2000

Northern nationalists remain convinced that loyalists, more specifically the UDA, are behind the latest series of gun attacks, which have left two men dead and two more seriously injured. Free article

Gardaí act with malice

14 December 2000

Sinn Féin has accused the Garda Representative Association (GRA) of fabrication following comments by that body on Wednesday in connection with the release on compassionate parole of two republican prisoners over the last month. Free article

Further insult for McBride family

14 December 2000

Folllowing the outcry that met a British Army Board's decision to reinstate to their regiment Scots Guards James Fisher and Mark Wright, convicted of murdering Belfast nationalist Peter McBride, the Ministry of Defence has released a report on the case in an attempt to justify their continued employment. Originally, the Army Board, which included British armed forces minister John Spellar, claimed that there were ``exceptional circumstances'' informing its decision but refused to elaborate on what these might be, citing ``confidentiality''. Free article


South Armagh people occupy British military base

14 December 2000

On the eve of President Clinton's visit to Ireland, the British government and British Ministry of Defence were left reeling with embarrassment following the takeover of the Glassdrummond Military base on Sunday morning, 10 December, which lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The peaceful demonstration, organised by the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Coimmittee (SAFRC) involved 60 supporters descending on the military base, taking the British troops stationed there by surprise. They immediately radioed for reinforcements, which arrived some 15 minutes later. Free article

Bloody Sunday Inquiry in jeopardy

14 December 2000

A cloud hangs over the future of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry as legal wrangling took place over secret British government and army evidence. Free article

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