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14 December 2000 Edition

500 years of dispossession

14 December 2000

Five hundred years ago, the first Portuguese arrived to the shores of Brazil and started a process of genocide of the indigenous population. At the time, in 1500, the Indigenous inhabitants of Brazil numbered an estimated five million. Today, after 97% of the indigenous people in the area have been wiped out, and there are only 350,000 indigenous people left, who constitute only 0.2% of the total population, representing 215 different ethnic groups, speaking 175 different languages. Free article

Neodracht mar dhea!

14 December 2000

`Cé a thug cead do rialtas na 26 Contae an stadas neodrachta seo a thréigeáint?' Sin an cheist atá tógtha ag An Draoi Rua. Free article

New in print: What is it to be Irish?

14 December 2000

Being Irish: Personal Reflections on Irish Identity Today Edited by Paddy Logue Oak Tree Press, Dublin Free article

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