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22 June 2000 Edition

UDA's renewed threat to Catholics

22 June 2000

Masked and brandishing weaponry, the UDA renewed its armed threat against northern nationalist this week on the basis of a spurious allegation of ``a systematic and orchestrated campaign of intimidation from nationalists'' on members of the Protestant community in North and West Belfast. Free article

Springfield residents call for support

22 June 2000

Residents of the Springfield Road in Belfast are bracing themselves for another weekend of intimidation and terror. Free article

Sectarian attacks by loyalists continue

22 June 2000

In a week in which the UDA renewed their threat against the northern nationalist community, sectarian attacks against Catholics continued. Within hours of the UDA statement, another Catholic church in County Antrim was targeted in a sectarian arson attack. Free article

Fears grow in Portadown

22 June 2000

The anxiety-ridden countdown to 2 July, when the Orange Order intends to walk down the Garvaghy Road, has started in nationalist areas of Portadown. Free article


Plastic bullets fired at Lurgan protest

22 June 2000

Plastic bullets were fired by the RUC at nationalist residents protesting at the Parades Commission's decision to allow an Orange March through a nationalist part of Lurgan town. Free article

Amnesty International slams governments

22 June 2000

Amnesty International's latest annual human rights report has slammed the failure of both the British and Dublin governments to uphold basic human rights. Free article

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