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22 June 2000 Edition

Orange Order challenged

22 June 2000

The proposal (since rescinded) of the Dublin and Wicklow lodges of the Orange Order to march in Dublin at the end of May has been a public relations disaster for the Orangemen. This initiative was supposed to force a wedge into the South, which would allow the Orangemen to link up with two-nationists and revisionists, and thereby open up a new propaganda front against beleaguered nationalist communities. Free article

Hooligans and hypocrisy

22 June 2000

UEFA's threat to throw England out of Euro 2000, issued after the team's victory against Germany on Saturday, was received with almost comic incredulity by the English Football Association. FA Chief Executive, David Davis, was practically incoherent with anger. He seemed incapable of grasping the fact that it was really the only option left to the European authorities as they surveyed the trail of destruction left by English supporters and faced with the prospect of them pitching up at the site of the old Heysel stadium for the quarter-finals. Free article

World Bank's pipeline to disaster

22 June 2000

The following article is an updated version of a piece that appeared in the 7 June issue of Green Left Weekly, a progressive Australian newspaper, available online at We are grateful to Sean Healy and all at Green Left for their kind and comradely assistance. Free article

Sportsview: Offaly's hurlers still have it

22 June 2000

Well, the championship season rolls on and there is no let up in the surprise results. Free article

Back issue: Brits `kidnap' priest

22 June 2000

A CATHOLIC priest, arrested in a dawn raid by British troops in West Belfast during one of the biggest house-to-house searches in several years, is sueing the British Ministry of Defence for false imprisonment. Free article

Cinema: Plucky plasticine poultry

22 June 2000

Chicken Run Directed by Nick Park & Peter Lord Free article

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