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29 April 1999 Edition

Loyalist victims lucky to be alive

29 April 1999

In a small front living room in West Belfast's Ballymurphy estate, two bruised and battered young men recount their ordeal at the hands of a loyalist murder gang. John Brady (30) does most of the talking. His cousin ``Jackie'' Dixon (28) sits with the immobility of someone still suffering a great deal of pain. Jackie's hands are so badly swollen that the medics are unable to determine the full extent of his injuries. Through dark purple swelling, his eyes barely open. Free article

RUC slated at Gilman hearings

29 April 1999

Irish Americans representing every major Irish American organization, and individuals alike, queued last Thursday, 22 April, to show their support for the hearings called by Congressman Benjamin Gilman on the need for a new policing service in the Six Counties. Free article

Ligoniel grenade attack: RUC quizzed about car

29 April 1999

Residents of the isolated nationalist estate of Ligoniel on the outskirts of North Belfast are demanding that the RUC explain the presence of one of their vehicles in the area immediately after a grenade attack on the home of a Catholic woman on Sunday night, 25 April, at 11.40pm. Free article

Stormont Circus provides no surprises

29 April 1999

As the summer weeks grow closer, there is a sense that the Stormont political circus is having difficulty selling its tickets. There was no show this week, and it seems that the talking is confined to the basement around tea and coffee. Needless to say, in this situation the public political diary is virtually non-existent. Free article


County Derry nationalist living in fear

29 April 1999

A north County Derry man who has been told he is ``going to be eliminated'' by the Orange Volunteers has told An Phoblacht that he and his family are now living in fear of their lives. Free article

Glasgow police brutalise nationalists

29 April 1999

Scottish police have been accused of abusing the rights of six young people from Belfast after sisters Tina, Jackie and Joleen O'Neill, brother and sister Marty and Cathleen Flood and another friend, Alison Jackson, were attacked by Glasgow police last week. Free article

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