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29 April 1999 Edition

How do they know you're a Catholic?

29 April 1999

With this week marking the 300th day of siege of the Garvaghy Road, Laura Friel spent a day talking to local residents. Free article

They were ordinary and extraordinary

29 April 1999

Laurence McKeown, one of those who took part in the 1981 Hunger Strike, shares his thoughts on the 18th anniversary of that terrible year of courage and struggle. Free article

Netanyahu threatens to close Palestinian offices

29 April 1999

Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of his intention to close the Palestine Liberation Organisation's (PLO) office in Jesusalem, known as Orient House, as the Israeli election campaign hots up. Orient House is an old hotel in the Arab quarter in East Jerusalem. It could be considered as the Foreign Office Department of the Palestinian government. Netanyahu also ordered the arrests of 25 of the Palestinian party's officials, including Faisal Huseini, head of the PLO in Jerusalem. Free article

Teach na nGealt?

29 April 1999

I ndiaidh díoladh cúig theach déag ar mhilliún punt an teach an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart, is léir go bhfuil sochaí dhá aicmeach in Éirinn chomh fhad a's a bhaineann sé le cúrsaí tithíochta. Free article

Workers in struggle

29 April 1999

Ahern jumps on bosses' bandwagon, Scaffolding dispute escalates, Council challenges Grand old Duke and Selling us our family jewels Free article

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Sportsview: There's life in the old league yet

29 April 1999

There is still some life left in the much-maligned National Football League. The performances of Dublin and Armagh in Sunday's second NFL semi-final drawn game indicated these two counties are hungry for success in this year's league, unlike the Derrys and Kildares of the world. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Limerick Soviet

29 April 1999

In the second part of an article on the Limerick Soviet of 1919, Aengus O Snodaigh tells the story of its brief height and fall. Free article

Back issue: SAS victim was shot in back

29 April 1999

Gavin Shuter, the uncle of Jim Taylor, the wildfowler shot dead by the SAS while on a hunting expedition in Coagh, County Tyrone last September, has called for the SAS men to be charged with murder. Free article


29 April 1999

At First Sight and In Dreams Free article

Television: Obscene legacy of church and state

29 April 1999

I had the misfortune, like many others, to spend a year, at the age of 12, in one of Ireland's brutal boarding schools. Sweets, chocolate, music and magazines were banned, contact with the girls was strictly forbidden and those caught uttering a sound after lights out at eight o'clock were severely beaten. Free article

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