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15 October 1998 Edition

Crisis deepens

15 October 1998

As the 31 October deadline for the formation of the Executive and All-Ireland bodies under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement gets nearer with no sign of progress, the sense of crisis in the peace process deepens. Free article

RUC in campaign of terror

15 October 1998

Derryman Eddie McKeever has called time on a two year reign of terror directed at him by the RUC. Free article

Andrews to visit South Armagh

15 October 1998

The Minister for Foreign Affairs David Andrews has accepted an invitation from the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee (SAFRC) to visit South Armagh. The Minister agreed to the request from the group which campaigns for the demilitarisation of the heavily militarised South Armagh area. Free article

Pressure on Orangemen increases

15 October 1998

Calls for Portadown Orangemen to abandon their protests in the Garvaghy Road area are increasing. Free article


Drug dealers in youth entrapment

15 October 1998

A systematic attempt to entrap young nationalists into acting as drug dealers has been exposed after a number of young people came forward and asked for help. Free article

Dublin remembers `98

15 October 1998

Some 1,500 pike men and women marched in bright sunshine in the centre of Dublin last Saturday to remember the men and women of 1798 and the events that took place in the capital during that revolutionary period. Free article

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