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15 October 1998 Edition

Robbin' hoods

15 October 1998

Nottingham's Robin Hood made his name robbing the rich to give to the poor. Here in Ireland our biggest robbers swindle the poor to give to the rich - themselves. Free article

Double by-pass

15 October 1998

I see the Balbriggan by-pass has been opened at last, and according the best estimates, using it will take as much as half an hour off the trip between Dublin and Belfast. Or Dublin and Drogheda. Free article

Colombian Indians denounce Smurfit's land policy

15 October 1998

Indigenous communities in Latin America have suffered invasion, oppression, ethnic cleansing and discrimination under the name of colonisation. In the past, Spanish and Portuguese colonial regimes were their enemies. Today, they have to confront a more subtle but no less dangerous enemy - multinationals - in their struggle for the right to the ownership of the land that they have historically inhabited. Free article

Reigiunachas is Daonnlathais ar Iarraidh

15 October 1998

Cistí airgid structúrtha d'Eirinn atá mar ábhair chunspóide an t-seachtain seo. Ritheann na cunspóidí seo idir rialtas Bhaile Atha Cliath agus an Choimisinéir Réigiúnda sa Chomhphobal Eorpach agus easaontas taobh istigh san Chabinéid fhéin idir baill Fhianna Fáil agus na PDs. Free article

Workers in struggle

15 October 1998

Dirty Bankers and The real objectives of EU Funding Free article

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Sportsview: Aussie strength wins out

15 October 1998

If one thing was learned from - or confirmed by - last Sunday's International Rules match between Ireland and Australia at Croke Park it is that professional Aussie Rules players are much, much fitter than Irish amateur gaelic footballers. In an eighty minute match, Ireland lost a big lead in the last ten minutes to lose by a single point, 61 to 62. Free article

Remembering the Past: Post-Civil War hunger-strikes

15 October 1998

The Civil War in Ireland began in earnest on 28 June 1922 with the fledgling state's attack on the republican outpost in the Four Courts in Dublin. Free article

Back issue: 25,000 in Derry say: ``Brits out''

15 October 1998

Again the common people have responded splendidly to the Sinn Féin appeal to come out in their thousands and commemorate the 1968 civil rights march but this time to demand national rights. For without national rights there can be no civil rights. Free article

Cinema: Divorced from reality

15 October 1998

On some levels, Divorcing Jack, a black comedy set in Belfast, works well enough, and it has some genuinely hilarious moments, but its cop-out, two tribes mentality ultimately denies it credibility. Free article

Television: No blacks please, we're Irish

15 October 1998

Leargas (RTE) Newsnight (BBC2) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Channel 4) Warning From History (BBC1) Free article

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