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23 July 1998 Edition

Time for direct dialogue

23 July 1998

Proximity talks involving representatives of the Garvaghy Road residents and the Orange Order in Portadown broke down on Tuesday 21 July without success. Free article

Garvaghy siege ends

23 July 1998

On Wednesday 16 July, the twelfth day of the siege of the Garvaghy estate in Portadown, the RUC and British troops moved into the loyalist encampment at Drumcree to carry out a search operation. Free article

Bloody Sunday Inquiry: spectre of Widgery

23 July 1998

As the preliminary hearings for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry opened this week to set terms and conditions, the spectre of Widgery haunted it. Free article

Bill falls short

23 July 1998

The Northern Ireland Bill being rushed through the Westminister parliament this week has been condemned by human rights and community groups across the Six Counties. Free article


Coopey lawyer charged

23 July 1998

The defence solicitor for Norman James Coopey, the man charged with the brutal murder of Annsborough teenager James Morgan, was last week sharing the same prison as his client. Free article

Investigation into Nelson harassment

23 July 1998

The Independent Commision for Police Complaints (ICPC) has sanctioned the appointment of a senior London Metropolitan Police officer to investigate claims made by Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson of persistent RUC intimidation and harassment. Free article

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