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23 July 1998 Edition

Spain's mad race against Basque independence

23 July 1998

In the early hours of 15 July, just after the last van left the premises of the daily newspaper, Egin, with the last load of the day's edition, over 300 armed Spanish policemen, led by Baltasar Garzón, judge of the special court for ``terrorism'', the Audiencia Nacional of Madrid, invaded the building and began a thorough search that lasted five hours. Free article

RUC PR stunts fool no-one

23 July 1998

In the aftermath of the siege of Garvaghy Road and the massacre of the Quinn children in Ballymoney, there has been much comment on the fall-out:- the self-inflicted damage to the Orange Order, the dignified response of the nationalist community as exemplified on Belfast's Lower Ormeau Road and the re-evaluation of the Orange Order and Unionism by some surprising sections of British public opinion. Free article


23 July 1998

You know what I miss about the good old days? I miss the way journalists used to pronounce Irish place names. Crossmaglen, or Maghera seemed impossible to graduates of the BeBeCe school of English. Free article

Britain, US back down over Lockerbie

23 July 1998

Britain and the United States have signalled a readiness to back down over the trial of two Libyans they allege were responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. Free article

Workers in struggle: Partnership hypocrisy

23 July 1998

``We could end up with a whole new raft of claims''. That is the worry this week of Bertie Ahern. Having conceded to the Garda Representative Association some of the central elements of their wage demands, including increases between 6% and 13%, the Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat coalition now wants to close the door on any similar claims from public sector unions. Free article

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Sportsview: Doctor Who? lands in Paradise

23 July 1998

Finally Celtic have appointed a head coach after weeks of chasing such names as Swedan's Tommy Svensson to Norway's Olsen and Frances Phillippe Troussier, all of whom, apparantly, showed little interest in joining Celtic. Free article

Remembering the Past: `Faithful to the last' Henry Joy

23 July 1998

With no rising in sight in Ulster despite the signal coming from Dublin, one man seized the initiative and assembled the United Irish forces to assert Ireland's right to independence. That man was Henry Joy McCracken, a young Belfast industrialist and radical and founder member of the Society of United Irishmen. AENGUS O SNODAIGH details his full life and his contribution to republicanism. Free article

Back issue: Heroes honoured in Ballina

23 July 1998

Because it was the first commemoration held since the remains of Proinsías Stagg were re-interred in the Republican Plot, Ballina, Co. Mayo, in compliance with Stagg's own wishes to be buried beside his comrade, Michael Gaughan, this year's event was of particular significance. Free article

Television: 57 channels and nothing on

23 July 1998

Ship of Fools (Network 2) Cuairt na Cruinne (TnaG/RTE) 42 up (BBC1) Free article

Editor's desk

23 July 1998

Ten members of the Royal Artillery regiment of the British Army were convicted at Liverpool crown court last Friday of drug running.
The men were apprehended following an eighteen month investigation by customs officers. It is estimated that the gang had brought £12.5m worth of drugs, including heroin and ecstasy, into Britain since 1996. They used their military warrant cards to... Free article

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